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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 21, 2015 10:30pm-11:07pm EDT

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that hole. i have a feeling he love its now. >> three letter word forget par. he made a four when he needed to make a four. >> let's go back and take a look at highlights of the 18th hole and where this tournament was won. jordan spieth. he needed that to get to got the birdie on 18. then dustin johnson, i guess we're going to him first. on the 18th hole. >> well beautiful 5-iron. quite honestly if it rolled up another foot more it probably would have rolled back another three, four feet on the toe of the little slope. a lot of speed coming off there. you want me to mark. he knew how quick the putt was. no matter how hard dustin hits
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this putt, it was always going to make it to the hole. >> this was the eagle attempt. runs it past the hole. has a chance to come back for birdie. >> you can't ever assume anything in this game. you have to continually keep your concentration and focus on what you have to do. i think he forced that putt. it was downhill the first put. put himself in a position where he missed three very short putts on the back nine. it's a game of mistakes. >> you're absolutely right. brad i'm sure you noticed, every one of putts he missed, it was a bit of a swiped stroke. >> but his face his path went to the left and his face stayed open and put a lot of putts he made should have missed. >> we're waiting for the trophy presentation. joe buck will be standing by with jordan spieth to talk about that. we get to the point where legacies are made. at least they begin to be made
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by winning back to back majors as a 21 year-old. where is jordan spieth compared to everyone on tour? >> he's light years away. he's got the complete game. composeure and mature beyond his years. some of the decisions he's made have been position decisions where his dad, michael, his caddie his coach. i don't know but he's made some phenomenally mature decisions and never let things get away. the front nine was a little edgy and agitated. the putting stroke was a little quick. as he got into a position of winning, everything settled in. >> made three double bogeys and 2-3 were followed by birdies.
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>> let's get it down to the 18th green for the trophy presentation. good evening ladies and gentlemen, i'm tom o'toole, the president of the united states golf association.
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please welcome me in honoring the 115th u.s. open champion, jordan spieth. we have an experienced an exciting and historic week here at chamber's bay. it is truly been an honor to conduct our national open championship in the state of washington and in the pacific northwest for the first time ever. jordan i am honored to present you tw two distinguished award. first is the jack nicklaus gold medal and was in 2012 named in
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honor of four-time united states open champion, jack nicklaus. and second i present you with the united states open trophy the time honored emblem of our national championship. congratulations. >> thank you. >> let him hear it one more time. jordan spieth, your winner. young man, i don't know how you do it but you continue to do it. first of all, we will talk about the end of round today.
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how did you bounce back from the double at 17 to do what you did on the 18th green? >> i was happy 18 was a par 5 first and foremost. i put a drive right where i wanted to. michael said you hit this shot already this week. just swing smooth. get it on up there. it's a perfect club. i got a nice bounce off the side and two puts later i didn't think it was good enough. but i couldn't be more happy right now. >> you talked about michael greller. i'm sure most know this. you have a local on the bag. michael greller from gig harbor. what has me meant to you beyond the u.s. open? >> he's my right hand man. the only other guy that can control the outcome of what i do on the course. i owe everything we have done has been a team. to come here and win this one for him when he lives right
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there, it's really special and i know it's close to his heart. he got married here. what a special moment we got to share being u.s. open champions. >> you are the youngest to win since bob jones in 1923. i can keep throwing the stats at you. all right. we talk about the grand slam. everybody talked about the grand slam for phil coming in. you have a chance now. winner at the masters and the u.s. open. you could win the grand slam this year. british open coming up. you're not even celebrating this but talk about it a bit. >> to go to the home of golf in the next tournament is the sole focus. i'm not going to look past that. you can't win them all unless you win the first two i guess. we're going to go. yeah. we're going to go to saint andrew looking for the claret jug. i believe we will be able to get
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it done if we get the right prep in. >> two more questions for you. first of all, you told me when we met at the memorial what it would mean to present your dad, sean with the u.s. open championship trophy on father's day. your family seems so important for you. i know your parents are here your mom chris. >> they are everything to me. to have my whole family here. my little sister eli is at home. to win this tournament on father's day, i just hope my dad is proud of me and he is the one that got me started playing the game. the reason i'm here now. my entire family. so dad, this one was definitely for you today. this trophy is for you and this will be a day we will never forget. and the last question. do you want to throw your brother's name out there too?
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sure. steven. i'm steven spieth's brother. >> this is jordan u.s. open champ also known as steven spieth's brother. so much talk about the u.s. open being played here at chamber's bay. so much talk about the golf course the architecture and the greens. you survived it. you're the winner. what did you think about having the u.s. open here in the pacific northwest? >> we were joking we being certainly tell why the nfl teams don't like to come to seattle to play. these fans are awesome. it's unbelievable. to have them on our side this week and to hear the crowd screaming for us from thursday afternoon on and hearing the support that michael had as well. i felt like we were crowd favorites and certain helped get this job down. these fans should be proud. you young man should be really
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proud. congratulations. >> thanks. joe. thats your u.s. open champion the 115th u.s. open champion. last round of applause right here for him. jordan spieth, ladies and gentlemen. >> there he is america's national champion. won the masters on the east coast. came out on the west coast and took care of business. winning back to back masters. jordan spieth. >> you know what's so amazing about this day, the usga typically has set up the course for the hardest round of the week. today was the lowest scores. adat scott shot 64. spieth shot 69 to win and typically that would run away with it if you're tied. he did it without his a-game. he was missing fairways.
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. his percentage was way lower off the tee than at the masters. still high in greens in regulations and still sacrificing a lot off the greens. you know how he handles himself so well. he says everything like you would want your son to say. >> justin johnson has to get over this as fast as we can because he's such a talent. he's changing his life and lifestyle, so we all know that those of us that have been in this position you won't forget that memory ever kurt. but you have to get over it and go forward. >> well he hoped provide in a way that he doesn't like a dramatic finish to this 115 u.s. open. our shane o'donoghue looks back. >> thank you very much guys. it's been incredible as i stare out on the pugent sound and fox
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island behind me. the ceremony is now concluding. when you try and contextualize what's happening here really truly, it's definite america has a new king and achieving things in a bob jones fashion. the whole week has been full of incredible memories. >> when i reflect on these four days of golf, i recall an intriguing historic u.s. open. chamber's bay made these players think. it made them tired. left many frustrated. it's all a place where we saw creativity and perseverance. so what we have is a championship full of brilliant golf along with some strife and more than a little controversy too.
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and doesn't that sound like the recipe for the united states open? ♪ ♪ this is what we have come to expect every year from golf's toughest test. this is the championship that demands the grind of four rounds of competition. you don't see the lead in this championship, you cling to it. and though it didn't look like a traditional u.s. open it certainly felt like one. and i don't think anyone is surprised that our champion is steam rolled through 2015 already and is now halfway to grand slam history. >> well you know bob jones was a usga icon and achieving the
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quad lateral. and out to brian campbell for winning the low amateur and commiserations to dustin johnson. it all happened for the first time on fox. staring out to fox island. to me i feel like charlie bucket. kurt. the >> well thank you so much there shane. the champion of the u.s. open jordan spieth did it style. we will have more from chamber's bay after this. when i failed at my first business, i thought my dreams were over. losing confidence in yourself is even worse. and we've all felt it like who am i to succeed? where will your journey take you?
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we will see you next year. oakmont country club is next. you can pull a lot of golfers, pro, amateur, this is as hard as it gets. oakmont in pittsburgh pennsylvania. >> we're talking about the 115th u.s. open and this championship is won by a 21 year-old young man, an old soul who brushed off a double bogey at 17 to win because of a three-putt by dustin johnson.
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louis oosthuizen shooting 29 the second nine here on sunday. a hug from his parents and this great family gets to celebrate another major championship. they did so in augusta. and they do here in the pacific northwest. mature beyond his years. and we will give you a look one final time at the leaderboard. jordan spieth wins it two-way tie with dustin johnson and louis oosthuizen. branden grace gave it a fight. could not get around the blocked shot at 16 that went out of bounds off to the right. adam scott, valiant effort shooting 64 today on sunday. welcome inside the 18th tower, i'm joe buck alongside greg norman. it was hard to wrap your head
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what was going on the 18th green and for it to end, it looked like jordan spieth was more shocked. the heart break for dustin johnson. >> that's where my mind goes. you see dustin collected himself. he looked like he was completely out of it. got himself back in it. it's sports. there's going to be a winner and loser. dustin has to really get himself up and dust himself off as fast as we can. he's got so much talent and such a great player. you know he's missed out four times now. there's a great saying tom watson told me. once you bite the snake's head off, it's dead forever. he just has to bite the head over and running. >> dustin johnson, 2-2 is jordan spieth. let's look at highlights. jordan spieth.
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here's his putt at 16. this for birdie after a chip shot checked up on him. this for a moment was a three-shot lead. >> this was the first descent putt he made in many holes. we're waiting for the talent to come through. what a great putter and dustin johnson at 16. hit a phenomenal 6-iron. he knew what was happening on 18. >> as you said he got off to a slow start second nine. he bogeyed 3-4 holes and pull today together. spieth talking about pulling it together. made double bogey on the par 3. the perfect tee shot, a little ramp uphill and a 3-wood to curl down and give him a good look at eagle. >> the lie on 18 was so important he had a little uphill lie to get more loft on it and that was from 287 yards,
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brilliant 3-wood. so now here's the opportunity for eagle. just kind of felt like this was going to end up in the bottom of the cup but it stays outside left. >> and again perfect speed all day long. never really put himself under too much stress. >> the tap in for the birdie and he had the one-shot lead. and then dustin johnson after a mashed drive, second shot here at 18. >> yeah absolutely right down the pipe. staring at it. knows he hit it solid. this is one shot joe that it actually had gone another foot further, he might have ended up another six feet closer. just gets on the toe of the ring and stops. normally rolls down four five feet and made the putt so much easier. >> the old cliche. anybody that grew up playing golf this putt to win the u.s. open. >> remember jason day, asking
10:52 pm
do you want me to putt out? >> that's about where jason day stood. dustin really did make a poor stroke here. all the putts he missed hit it off the toe with an open face. never got a clean roll on it. >> ends with a three-putt. ends with a par and he ends behind jordan spieth. who now has the opportunity, greg with the british open coming up at st. andrews to become the first to win the modern version of the grand slam. the youngest u.s. open champion since bob jones in '23. youngest to win two career majors in '22 and now the sixth to win the masters and u.s. open in the same year. last one to do it tiger woods in 2002. sky is the limit. if he was shocked, well i guess
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at the end, we're not that we're saying jordan spieth ends up winning the u.s. open. >> absolutely. he's going to saint andrews and has a good chance of winning. you hit the nail on the head. he's got an old soul. as many times i saw him on the final round, made such mature decisions. he looked like his putting stroke was quick on the front nine slowed himself down. recomposed himself and put himself in the position to be the 115th u.s. open champion. >> yeah what a thrill it was to witness it and a way to begin this relationship with the usga. partner it was a thrill. what an honor. >> love sitting next to you, joe. had a great time and a great team. all the people did a phenomenal job for fox. i'm proud to be sitting here and looking for another 11 of them. coming up next on fox, it's your
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late local news. for more u.s. open coverage go to fs1 at 1:00 a.m. eastern. thursday it's the 36th annual senior open from del paso country club in sacramento. 11:00 a.m. pacific. only on fox. watch all the action with fox sports go. there is the final look at the leaderboard. what a week it's been in the pacific northwest. the u.s. open here for the first time it didn't disappoint. for all of us. so long from chamber's bay.
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truck. people still side. what folks heard just before the fire. >> forget craft beer. how craft booze is taking over one small batch at a time. your news starts in 30 seconds. if you want a paint with no harsh fumes. if you want a paint without harmful chemicals. if you want a paint that's safer for your family, and the environment... only this can. natura from benjamin moore. paint like no other. certified asthma and allergy friendly by the asthma and allergy foundation of america. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity. >> local neighborhood in fear after gunmen ambushed their block party much those two men still on the loose just one day after opening fire into a packed street hitting 10 people including young children.
11:00 pm
as police learn a possible motive behind the attack, thankfully no one was killed. good evening, thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. fox 29's shawnette wilson at southwest detectives. shawnette? >> reporter: police tell me that two of the victims are still in the hospital. they are a 24 and 46-year-old. the others have been released but tonight the search for the gunman continues. this seen from saturday night at ogden and 41st street in southwest philadelphia has left bloodshed and fear throughout the neighborhood. >> pop pop pop pop. >> 10 people were shot police say when two men opened fire just before 10:00 o'clock as the neighborhood street party was wrapping up. >> everybody was going crazy. >> yvette sanders was on her back porch when the chaos erupt erupted. at least three of the victims are children. police say the youngest a one and a half-year-old. >> i just was like praying two or three kids, you know just for anybody to get shot like especially for the babies.
11:01 pm
that's a sad situation. >> reporter: today neighbors came outside to a high police presence as officers kept watch over the neighborhood in cars and on foot. still this woman feels unsafe and did not want to be identified. >> it feels a lot better that they're out here a lot better that they're out here, but we don't know how long they're going to be out here and it's very very scary. >> reporter: police say the shooters were armed with a shotgun and handgun and fired particular from a gold or silver four door sedan at least twice driving by. >> we can't sit on the step. >> sanders has lived here five years but planning to move soon. >> when you're not safe in your own home it's time to go. report. >> shawnette wilson reporting that shooting is part of a deadly night across the city. on the left a a man shot several times in the chest and head in man chew. what on the 3700 block of mount
11:02 pm
vernon he died at the hospital. police are still after the person who killed him. in olney a man outside the old madrid bar shot and killed early this morning. police got the person who did it. no charges as of yet though. in delaware county, a scary scene when a septa train slammed into a car on the tracks. the driver in his early 90's trapped inside until crews were able to cut him out. this was along the media elwyn line in netter providence just before 3:30. you can see the car into the gate. it took crews 20 minutes to rescue the driver. police chief says 20 people were on the train only one had minor injuries. investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. i can tell you the lights on the arm were on and the lights were on because as you see they appear on the ground right now when i arrived probably 15 minutes after the accident they were on also. >> septa buses showed up to take passengers on to their destinations. service along the line was suspended for about two hours but it's back on tonight.
11:03 pm
>> right now 70 apartments in bucks county still evacuated after gas leak peco tells us the transformer blue compromiseing a gas mine in levittown this afternoon at one point authorities had to evacuated 200 apartments as crews worked to fix the leak. police tell us peco still testing the system tonight and all residents should be back home by early morning. on your radar tonight a few showers moving through parts of the area. here's a life look down the shore in atlantic city tonight. you can see the wind kind of shaking our camera there. dave who is seeing some rain right now? >> let's talk would atlantic city expressway this one shower is moving right along it here. pushing east about 25 miles an hour and it held together through chester county just skirted delaware county southern delaware county north of wilmington and moving east. one or two lightning strikes. here's the latest one. you could hear a rumble of thunder in the path of this storm. look for wind gust and brief downpour this is right along 322 and there's the interchange between 322 and 55. so just east of mullica hill moving towards williamstown
11:04 pm
right about to move over the ac expressway. one or two showers developing ahead of it. these are holding together this is holding together. not by that afternoon heating. the sun is down. just a little disturbance moving through. so likely this will continue and continue to track east here through camden county and then pushing into western atlantic county and portions of burlington county that's the only one area of rain we're watching to night. it will continue to spread east. what we are watching is the temperatures. they are still very mild. 86 degrees in philadelphia. upper 70s to the north. you'll notice a drop in humidity especial until the northern suburbs. so a comfortable start tomorrow morning. just a few showers they moved in from the west pushing east now lower humidity. that is the big story tonight. the big story this week will be the heat and the humidity by monday and tuesday the heat and humidity return. we're talking about heat indexes well over 100 degrees. may not last that long but you'll certainly feel it this weekend come with a storm. look at all and the timing in
11:05 pm
the seven day forecast coming upgrade talk to you then dave. in charleston south carolina a day of strength of unity of courage after tragedy. (bell tolls). >> church bells peeled across charleston in union any son ring the nine lives lost and the families left behind four days after a man shot up a bible study class in historic church and today the emmanuel african-americanafricanmethodist owe piss pisco cal church held its first service since that night and the pews were packed. ♪ >> songs of praise filled the church as members filled the seats hugging each other bolstering each other. police say 21-year-old dylann roof opened fire during a bible study session on wednesday night and today the reverend nouvelle goth expressed gratitude for the acts of kindness he's witnessed in recent days.
11:06 pm
>> we need to be in solidarity and pray for families and our communityies around this state and particularly in charleston. >> yes! >> i want to say to the citizens of charleston and visitors, thank you! >> a judge has set roof's bond at $1 million for a weapons charge. he still faces an additional hearing on murder charges. and parishioners around the globe have been praying for those brothers and sisters in south carolina. including people right here. fox 29's sabina kuriakose shows us they're spreading a message of forgiveness and of love. >> reporter: a sermon of solidarity and brotherhood voices lifting to the rafters of mother bethel ame church in society hill as reverend mark tyler and his congregation echoed the prayers going out across t


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